My Digital Footprint

This page is inspired by George Couros. A digital footprint is not something to be feared, it’s an opportunity to connect, collaborate and share across dynamic networks. As educators we have an obligation to model appropriate digital citizenship to our students and colleagues who are yet to embrace social media. – Something of a portal to a person… I have started to use this service to connect people with my various social media accounts. I intend to develop this site over the next few months.

Twitter – This is my favourite space for professional learning and definitely the best source for learning, sharing and discussing ideas about education. I first joined Twitter in 2010 after some encouragement from @adrianbruce. Since then I have dedicated many hours to engaging in some amazing conversations with educators across the world using 140 characters or less.

Live IT Learn IT – This is my blog. Whilst my posts are somewhat irregular in timing, I am enjoying the experience of reflecting on my ideas, knowledge and practice.

Flickr – Mostly used to indulge and share my budding hobby of iPhoneography. This has become something of a passion for me in recent months and is probably the first ‘artistic’ interest that I have had. Mobile devices have really made photography accessible for everyone without having to carry additional equipment with you. I enjoy the freedom of snapping random images and post-processing them using the many apps that are available for iOS devices.

Diigo is my preferred bookmarking tool. The collaborative features help to make it an excellent tool for sharing and curating links.

PearlTrees – I experimented with PearlTrees to collate links about specific topics of interest. I find the user interface and appearance of this tool to suit my learning style. – A content curation tool that I use to gather links and resources about specific topics of interest. I find this format to be really useful for sharing ideas and resources. Content curation is the process of compiling and gathering links and resources about a particular topic. My particular focus for this tool is a curation of resources about developing and delivering quality professional learning.

Living With The Pilkies – our family blog. We have extended family spread far and wide across Australia so we use this blog to connect and share stories.

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