Locked Out

Our Education department has recently been plagued by slower than normal internet connections. This is obviously frustrating for everyone and results in mud-slinging and blame being directed toward the IT department. There is pressure from many directions for an instant solution.

Unfortunately our IT department (which has a strong alignment with Microsoft to the exclusion of every other platform) has applied a ridiculous ‘fix’ to the problem – they have completely blocked all iOS updates, all Mac OS updates and the Mac App Store, and seriously throttled app updates for iOS and Android tablets/phones. We have thousands of these devices deployed in our schools as educators are embracing mobile learning yet now our students can no longer update their devices and apps or even download new apps. I am very confused as to how this can be seen to be an effective solution to a problem.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan

We are an Education department – students are our core business. The IT people exist to enable education. Surely it is for teachers to decide on useful technology for use in their classrooms, not for technicians with no knowledge of pedagogy to drive access to technology.


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