24 Hours of Free Ideas

A few week ago we had a FedEx day at our workplace. The basic premise of this type of day is to have a 24 hour focus on innovation and creativity. A worthy ideal, but I am wondering why we need a dedicated day to innovate. Surely innovation is ongoing. Surely innovation can happen at any time.

Working in teams and/or individually we brainstormed, created, imagined, played, challenged – all with the same goal of coming up with inspiring new ideas or projects to provide quality professional learning for teachers. The sharing session was an amazing afternoon. I was blown away by the breadth and depth of thinking that had taken place. Loads of great ideas were shared. I left work totally inspired. In my mind I had seen the creative force of our team come to the fore and present a range of ideas to implementation. The day was concluded with a bit of a “We’ll get back to you” response from senior management but still my enthusiasm was there.

About 6 weeks on and nothing has happened. I’m back to wondering why we needed a dedicated day to innovate…


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