Trading Cards (iPad Style)

At the recent ADE Institute I participated in a really engaging team building activity where we created trading cards to showcase the skills, knowledge and expertise of one of our team members.

We used the Trading Cards app by Read Write Think which is a surprisingly versatile app. The app is quite easy to use and allows for a range of user accounts on a single device which will be helpful for those schools who share iPads. There are a number of templates that can be used to create trading cards:

  • People – real and fictional
  • Places – real and fictional
  • Objects
  • Events
  • Vocabulary

As you can see from the list, there is plenty of scope for use across a number of curriculum areas.

Completed trading cards are saved as jpeg files and can be sent directly be email or saved to the Camera Roll.

Read Write Think also provides a range of lesson ideas for using this app in the classroom.

Here is an example of a trading card that was created about me as part of a team building exercise.

Sample trading card created with the Trading Card app


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