ADE Institute 2013

I have had the exciting experience of attending the ADE Institute in Bali recently. Having only just been selected to participate in the program, I was a little apprehensive and also curious about what to expect. The pre-learning opportunities through an iTunesU course provided useful insights and helped allay some fears but it also served to raise many questions – questions that were soon answered as we were introduced to our Australia / New Zealand team in a creative afternoon session where we created trading cards and began our journey into understanding our role as Apple Distinguished Educators.

To start with, what is an Apple Distinguished Educator? ADEs are

  • trusted advisors
  • authentic authors
  • global ambassadors
  • passionate advocates

The week of learning contained a range of presentations, workshops, unconference events, discussions, networking and time for creating our own content. There was so much great information and ideas coming through in all forums.

Since returning from the Institute i have had some great conversations with colleagues and family, reflecting on the many learning opportunities that I experienced. Some of the highlights for me were:


This was my main highlight and always my first response when asked about the best part of the Institute. There were countless opportunities to network with a collection of amazing educators. It’s always refreshing to be surrounded by innovative people and ideas. I connected with so many people and have continued those connections on Twitter since leaving Bali. Meeting people in person after following them on Twitter is always an added bonus. This helps to strengthen connections and extend the virtual network.

Challenge Based Learning

I have heard about CBL quite a bit but have never prioritised my time to genuinely investigate the concept. Based on processes of inquiry, the key component of CBL is the challenge – A meaningful, achievable challenge is issued and students develop solutions that result in concrete, meaningful action. An example of a challenge is Develop and implement sustainable practices that will make a difference for your group within our community.

I am looking forward to some in-depth exploration of CBL in the coming weeks, then supporting schools to implement the concept.

Photography & Videography

We had a number of opportunities to attend various sessions facilitated by Bill Frakes. (Check his work at It’s always great to learn from experts and this was at the very top of the scale. He works for Sports Illustrated, has photographed Michael Jordan, Barrack Obama and thousands of others and was extremely willing to share his stories and expertise. Bill’s key message was that we take pictures with our heart, mind, eye and soul. Images tell powerful stories. This is something that I am looking forward to exploring further through my iPhoneography hobby and also in terms of digital storytelling in education.

We even had a 6.30am session where Bill Frakes explained and demonstrated some great techniques with Digital SLR Cameras and also iPhones. Check my photo of Tanah Lot temple taken (using True HDR) during the early morning session with Bill.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by spilkie

The ADE Institute was an amazing week, filled with many moments of learning in a range of formal and informal settings. It was a time to connect, collaborate and share ideas with many like-minded people. It was the a beginning of a journey into exciting content creation using iBooks Author and some other great software to showcase the creative and inventive learning that can take place when the potential of technologies are harnessed and exploited. It’s a journey that I am excited to be joining.


4 thoughts on “ADE Institute 2013

  1. Just following some of the tweets was inspirational & I can not fathom the creativity and creation at come out of it. I look forward to following your journey and I might steal the term iPhoneography, as that is the only photo I now take.

    • It was certainly an inspiring week of learning and networking.
      iPhoneography has been around for a little while as a concept. Do a quick Google search to find some of the blogs and resources that are available.

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