Beyond Apps / Into Workflows

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of discussions with people about ‘good apps’ for using in the classroom. It’s quite a challenging discussion to have with people.

To start with, there are over 700 000 apps available in the App Store. I can certainly list a few apps that I like using but I don’t know if they will be of benefit to others. This is because my favourite apps achieve a specific purpose.

Secondly, starting with an app is like doing something in reverse order. This is a continuation of an ongoing mistake that has undermined effective integration of technology for a long time. I strongly believe that you should not start with an app (or piece of software.

1. Start with the teaching and learning that you want to take place
2. Identify the process or steps involved
3. Match appropriate apps / resources to support each of the steps in the process.

I have included a quick example below. This workflow relates to a multilevel, Australian Curriculum unit of work.

Sample workflow

Sample workflow


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