Plague Inc – Strategic Gaming

Plague Inc. is a strategy game for iPads. Rather than saving the world, the goal of this game is to evolve a disease that will destroy the world’s population. (It’s not as gruesome as it sounds.)

Much of the gameplay reflects real life – poorer nations are more susceptible to disease than wealthy nations. Wealthy nations are harder to infect and they lead the fight for a cure to stop your disease spreading. Events occur throughout the game (such as natural disasters or the London Olympics) that can help or hinder the spread of your disease. A range of statistics are available for each country or group of countries that provide information about climate etc that influence the spread of disease.

Throughout the game you collect DNA points which are then used to evolve the disease in three categories – transmission, symptoms and abilities. This is where strategy becomes important. You only have limited points to spend so you need a balance between the three categories.

There are plenty of ‘teachable moments’ in this game. It’s accurate portrayal of the gap between wealthy and poor nations creates opportunities for learning about social justice issues, government and governance. The data, charts and graphs can be used in mathematics.

Loads of other learning too.

And it’s fun!

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