Best of 2012 (according to Apple)

Apple has just announced their picks for the best apps of 2012. I’m not sure about the criteria they use but they have certainly highlighted some great apps that have many uses in education.

Paper by Fifty Three was named as App of the Year for iPad. In an attempt to understand the hype, I’ve experimented with this app quite a bit since it was released. There is no doubt that this app has some wonderful features. It can be used as a note taking tool or as a creative outlet for artists. (Unfortunately I’m not much of an artist but some of my colleagues have done justice to the app’s capabilities.)

Paper by FiftyThree from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

The runner-up was Action Movie FX. This has been a favourite of mine for quite a while. (It brings out the inner child in me!) Use this app to add awesome special effects to videos including car crashes, missile strikes and other explosions. Exported videos can then be imported into other movie creation apps.


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