2012 Edublogs Award Nominations

Having moved from lurker to blogger this year, I have decided to share my thoughts and reflections about some of the amazing work of educators from around the world.

My nominations…

Best Individual BlogDoug Woods – Doug regularly challenges my thinking about pedagogy and technology. His thoughts and ideas are inspiring and really lead me to reflect on my practice.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blogFree Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne provides a stream flood of free resources for education. His shared resources encompass multiple devices, platforms and webtools. I’ve lost count of the number of great resources I have discovered through following this blog.

Best teacher blog – Alice Leung Learning and Leading – Authentic stories from Alice’s classroom practice. It’s inspiring to hear the awesome stories of student engagement and a teacher who constantly reflects on her practice.

Best library / librarian blog – Lucacept – Intercepting the Web – Jenny Luca is a prolific blogger. Her ‘School’s Out Friday’ posts are a great way to end the school week. She has shared some great tips, tricks and reflections about digital portfolios.

Best Individual Tweeter – George Couros (@gcouros) – I learn so much from George through his posts and sharing. He does an amazing job, introducing educators from around the globe to Twitter and social media. He supports people on their journey whilst constantly sharing his own learning. Perhaps the most influential person in my PLN.

Best Mobile App Flipboard – This was a tough call with so many great apps appearing over the last 12 months. However, I have to stick to my absolute favourite. The slick, magazine-style interface and ability to combine all of my social media and news into one app makes Flipboard outstanding. It allows cross-posting between various social networks which greatly improves my ability to share with many people.


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