Strip Designer

Strip Designer is an app that ‘just keeps growing’ in its capabilities. In its simplest form, this app can be used to create cartoons and comics that utilise a range of visual media.

The app makes use of the in-built camera, allowing for easy collection of photos and images that will form the basis of the cartoon strip. Users can collect photos over time or can take photos directly from within the app. You can add maps to your designs (provided you have connection to Internet at the time) and you can even create/draw your own pictures.

Cells are editable and can be reshaped and resized. Dialogue and text are easy to add along with the comic special effects and ‘stickers’ that can be added your images.

Sharing finished designs is outstanding. – Share by email as a pdf or jpg; upload directly to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or Dropbox; send your pdf to iTunes of save to your Camera Roll

Download Strip Designer from the App Store

Combine Strip Designer with other photo editing apps such as Snapseed to create visual displays and collections of photos.



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